Bellafina String Instruments

When Bellafina set out to design our string product offering, we delivered our specifications to major string suppliers from Germany, Romania and China. These are all countries that excel at crafting fine string instruments at a variety of price points. Since Bellafina is dedicated to providing outstanding entry-level instruments, it was critical that we secured the right suppliers who would focus on quality construction and affordable materials.

Location, Location, Location

The majority of beginning violins are made in China. Originally a small segment providing low quality instruments, China has now become the main source of quality student instruments for the entire world. Having expanded their knowledge and expertise, they now produce everything from entry-level instruments all the way up to handmade professional violins.

On the other side of the world, at a place known as the “City of Violins,” Reghin, Romania has a rich history of violin making, including many traditional family businesses. In order to help students grow in their studies, Bellafina went to Romania to seek out step-up instruments to expand our offerings. The Bellafina string family is proud to provide Romanian quality instruments with truly unparalleled affordability.

Germany also has a rich tradition of creating exceptional instruments dating back to the mid 1600s.  Germany started making string instruments after the Italian luthiers had established themselves as the leaders in violin making. By combining new manufacturing techniques with Bavarian craftsmanship, Germany began producing some of the most impressive violins ever. And many of those traditions live on in the Bellafina violins being made in Germany today.

Strings Make It Sing

Bellafina is clearly focused on creating outstanding entry-level instruments that are well-constructed using woods that are appropriate for this purpose. We’ve also invested in other components and procedures to ensure that every player enjoys a great sounding and easy playing instrument. After a great deal of research, Bellafina found that in entry-level instruments strings were the single most important factor in achieving the best possible sound. We use strings that you will find on educator approved violins and even professional instruments. It makes a huge difference, so we call this concept: “It’s the strings that make it sing.” Every Bellafina instrument is precisely matched to a quality string set in order to ensure top quality sound. We also discovered that this made it easier for students to produce their first notes and maintain the tuning of the instrument. Without good strings the student has a harder time producing a quality sound and teachers spend more time helping tune the instrument (as opposed to teaching).

Set-Up in the USA

When choosing which models to produce it became clear to Belllafina luthiers that the instruments would need adjustment after arriving in the USA. While manufacturing techniques have made advanced, the materials have remained the same. Pegs on a violin work by using friction; the peg is fitted to peg hole with enough friction to maintain tuning. The instruments may spend a month or more in transit to our US-based warehouse. During this time, they experience climate changes that can cause the wood to swell or shrink. It is absolutely necessary to refit the pegs after transport to ensure that the instrument will stay in tune. The same conditions may affect the bridge and fingerboard, so the bridge needs to be fitted to the correct position. This allows for the proper string height from the fingerboard making it easier for the player to produce the correct note. We are proud that all Bellafina violins undergo a thorough inspection by US-based luthiers who make adjustments before you receive the instrument. This means every Belllafina instrument is ready to play, right out of the box.

Quality and Confidence

Investing in your first (second or third) instrument is an important decision. At Bellafina we have selected models to ensure that any student can begin their musical adventure with quality and confidence. By combining premium strings, hands-on final inspections and exceptional US-based quality control, Bellafina consistently provides outstanding instruments to fit any budget.